Our terms of sale 2019

1. GENERAL. All goods and services sold by us are subject to these conditions. No changes or additions will be effective unless specifically accepted by us in writing.
2. CATALOGUES. Our catalogues, price lists etc. are guides only and do not constitute offers for sale and no prices or specifications therein will be binding on us.
3. PRICES. Goods will be invoiced at the prices ruling at the date an order is accepted by us. If an order is placed with reference to a written quotation issued by us the prices on the quotation will apply if the order is placed within the validity of the quotation.
4. DELAY. a) We will accept no liability for loss or damage arising from any delay in supplying goods unless we have specifically accepted such liability in writing in advance. Additional costs caused by the buyer’s failure to accept the goods when they are due for delivery.
5. DELIVERY. Orders of £100 or more net value will be delivered carriage paid to mainland U.K. addresses. This figure may be varied from time to time in relation to other prices. On orders below this value we will pass the cost of carriage on to the buyer. Late additions to orders will be delivered together with the original order whenever possible. If this is not possible the addition will be treated as a new order and carriage will be charged if applicable. Any special forms of delivery requested by the buyer will be charged at cost.
6. SHORTAGES and discrepancies on deliveries must be notified to us in writing within seven days of dispatch date. After this period we cannot accept any claims.
7. RETURNS. We will not accept any goods for return unless we have expressly agreed to do so in writing. We will nominate the method of dispatch. We will examine any goods returned to us and if we find them to be faulty we will at our discretion repair or replace them or credit the buyer’s account and in this case we will be responsible for the cost of carriage provided the carrier of our choice was in fact used. If we find the goods not to be faulty we will return them to the buyer with our report and at the buyer’s expense. Any goods returned to us with our agreement because they were incorrectly ordered may be subject to a handling charge; any work we have done to such goods will not be credited.
8. LIABILITY. Unless expressly stated by us in writing goods are not sold as conforming to any British or European Standard specification or as being suitable for any specific purpose. We shall only be liable for loss or damage caused by factors reasonably within our control. Our liability in any event shall be limited to an obligation to repair replace or refund the cost of any defective goods.

9. INDEMNITY. The buyer indemnifies us against any claims relating to any of the following acts or omissions by the buyer or its agents or contractors:
a) modification of the goods.
b) installation, use or maintenance of the goods in an incorrect, inappropriate or negligent manner.
c) giving a third party incorrect, inappropriate or negligent advice relating to the goods.
d) failing to pass on to a third party our instructions relating to the goods.
10. TITLE. All goods delivered by us to the buyer’s premises or order will remain our property until payment in full has been received by us.
11. PAYMENT. Payment of accounts is due 30 days from the date of the invoice. If the buyer fails to make due payment further supply of goods may be withheld until the overdue amounts are paid. If in spite of numerous requests an overdue amount remains unpaid and we decide that it is necessary to take legal action for the recovery of the debt the total amount outstanding on the account will immediately become due for payment. The buyer shall be liable to pay interest at 3% above the Base Rate of Santander on overdue accounts. If after accepting an order we learn of circumstances which in our reasonable judgement may affect the ability of the buyer to pay for the goods ordered we shall not be obliged to deliver the goods.
12. DATA PROTECTION ACT. We are required to advise our unincorporated customers that we may transfer information about you to our bankers, who may a) store and use this information on their computers for financial assessments and preventing bad debts, fraud and money laundering; b) make normal credit enquiries with credit reference agencies; c) give information about you and your indebtedness to their associated companies, to any guarantor of your or our obligations to them, to their or our advisors, to any business to whom our financing arrangements with them may be transferred. We will provide you with details of our bankers on request if you want to have details of any credit reference agencies and other third parties referred to above. You have a legal right to these details. You may get a copy of any information they hold about you.